Boulder Teens Go On Tour With Authentic Heartwarming Portrayal That Will Pull At Your Heart Stings

Looking for a show that will make you laugh, cry and remind you of the human element that shines within each of us? Look no further than The Boys Next Door. Fairview High School has taken this show on the road. The school’s theater is being renovated so Director, Lanny Boyer asked local directors across Boulder if they would host the show. The BVSD theater community is a close-knit family and several schools were happy to support the staging of this production.

First produced in 1988, The Boys Next Door deals with four men with various mental disabilities who live in a group home. The four live under supervision of the young, earnest, yet increasingly “burned out”, Jack. With scenes from their daily lives, there are moments of great poignancy when, with touching effectiveness, we are reminded that the disabled, like the rest of us, want to love, laugh, and find purpose and meaning in our lives.
“If we do our jobs as we intend, there will be moments in the play where the ground gained since 1983 in the fight for equity will be clear. This will surface in the use of language. At the same time, there are elements that have changed very little or not at all.” said Boyer.

What this show has done for the cast and production team has proven invaluable. This cast has been granted the opportunity to gain a greater perspective and empathy for people living with disabilities. But they didn’t do it alone. The cast was lucky to have a focus group of parents and teachers with firsthand experience guiding their efforts to authentically portray the characters. This hands-on support allowed the cast to find balance in the fight for equity and understanding during the rehearsal process.
Several members of this young cast have grown up on local, community and professional stages throughout the Denver metro area. Front Range theatre-goers may have seen some of these talented young adults perform at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the Arvada Center, BDT Stage, Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids and other local venues.

Production Details:
Play by: Tom Griffin
Director: Lanny Boyer
Asst. Director: Luca Lajeunesse
Cast: Kendall Baldwin (Jack); Darrow Klein (Shelia); Jaella Hardaway (Arnold); Kaden Hinkle (Norman); Sam Howard (Lucien); Jake Bondy (Barry); Lucca Houston (John Hedges); Amy Bowers (Mrs. Warren; Joshua Dias (Mr Kemper); Olivia Savage (Senator Clark); Avery Ponder (Clara); Khloe Tucker (Mr. Corbin); Said Cisneros (Swing) Avery Ponder (Understudy Clara); Lucca Houston (Understudy Jack); Kendall Baldwin (Understudy John Hedges)
Parents, please note: This production includes charged language that might be unsuitable for young children. Parental discretion is advised.
October 26th & 27th at Monarch High School @ 7 pm


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