Get ‘Disenchanted’ in Boulder and ‘Lost in Yonkers’ in Golden

Column by Harriet Ford

BDT Stage (formerly Boulder’s Dinner Theatre) only the name has changed. Still the same quality performances and great food … served by the stars of the shows.

The first time I saw “Disenchanted,” I wasn’t fond of it; however, this time, I absolutely loved it, as did my guest.

“Disenchanted,” runs through Mar. 31, 2019 at BDT Stage, 5501 Arapahoe Ave., in Boulder. The show stars: Annie Dwyer (Sleeping Beauty) she is hysterical as usual. Her “mugging” is infectious. Jessica Hindsley (Snow White) delivers a wonderful performance; Anna High (The Princess Who Kissed the Frog) was terrific. The petite actor Tracy Warren (Cinderella) always turns in a great performance. Alicia K. Meyers (Belle/The Little Mermaid) can always be counted on to produce outstanding performances.

Lost in Yonkers

“Lost in Yonkers” plays at the Miners’ Alley Playhouse (MAP), 1224 Washington Ave, in Golden. It’s on the second floor of the former Foss Drug Store.

This poignant story stars: Rory Pierce (Eddie) the father of two young sons, Dee Jimenez (Jay) and Ben Feldman (Arty). Also in the cast are: Haley Johnson (Bella) Eddie’s younger and somewhat intellectually limited sister; Deborah Persoff (Grandma Kurnitz) mother of Eddie and Bella. She is brilliant, as usual. Also appearing are Damon Guerrasio (Louie) and, MacKenzie Beyer (Gert) they both turn in very credible performances. In addition to having a starring role in this production, Rory is also Director of Children’s Programming at MAP.

The story revolves around Eddie’s need to have his two sons stay with his mother and sister, while he is out of town for work. At first, Grandma Kurnitz refuses; however, Bella is very excited at the prospect of having her nephews stay with them. Their mother finally relents and agrees that her grandsons can stay with her and Bella. Eddie finally returns after many months away. This touching story is well worth seeing.

For tickets and information, call the box office at 303-938-3044 or visit their website,

“The Diary of Anne Frank” at the Arvada Center Black Box Theatre

This very troubling story about two Jewish families who are forced into hiding in the annex of an office building in Amsterdam , Holland. On March 25, 1944, Anne wrote in her now famous diary, “I don’t want to have lived for nothing like most people. …” Anne is brilliantly played by a young woman named Darrow Klein, her father Otto Frank is portrayed by Larry Cahn; her mother, Edith Frank is played by Emily Paton Davies; Anne’s sister, Margot is played by Annnie Barbour.

Also in the cast are:  Regina Fernandez (Meip Gies), the woman who helps the two families with supplies. Lance Rasmussen (Mr. Kraler); Daniel Crumrine ( Peter Van Daan ) son of the other family in hiding; Emma Messenger (Mrs. van Daan) the mother; Abner Genece ( Mr. van Daan) (Peter’s father); Zahary Andrews (Mr. Dussel) a single man who is also forced into hiding.

The play is adapted by  Wendy Kesselman and very well directed by Christy Montour-Larson. The outstanding cast is superb. Each of the technical aspects is well done. ”The Diary of Anne Frank” plays in repertory with “The Moors,” and “Sin Street Social Club.” “The Diary of Anne Frank” plays through May 17, 2019 in the Black Box Theatre.

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